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Halftime Act For Texans-Chiefs Game Announced

This should have happened a long time ago, but it's fitting that it's finally going to occur during a Houston Texans playoff game at NRG Stadium.

2DH: Remember, Red, Hope Is A Good Thing.

I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a football fan can feel. A football fan at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope Houston can make it across the goalline. I hope to see my team win and cheer their victory. I hope Bostonians are as sad as they have been in my dreams. I hope.

Week 18: Bengals v. Texans - The NFL Playoffs Return To Houston

Battle Red Radio: 8 P.M. CT

Food, fun, and fashion, the Patriots' mall has it all. And a football team to boot. Check out Battle Red Radio tonight at 8 p.m. CST.

Wild Card G.O.A.T.s: Joseph Shines, Boos Do Not

In this week's G.O.A.T.s, Battle Red Blog focuses on Johnathan Joseph's re-emergence and the boos heard at Reliant Stadium.

NFL Playoffs: Seahawks v. Redskins

Add your two cents in real time as the Seahawks and Redskins battlefight for the right to play the Falcons in Atlanta next weekend.

NFL Playoffs: Colts v. Ravens

Share your thoughts about the AFC's final wild card game in this open thread.

Report: Bears Will Interview Rick Dennison For HC

Even with Gary Kubiak calling the majority of the shots and the Texans' offense looking rather anemic the last month and a half, other teams are still interested in looking into Rick Dennison as a head coaching candidate.

Hair of the Dog: Now With Multiple Playoff Wins!

With the regular season over, the BRB crew brought their A-game for this playoff game. Unfortunately, that file was lost, so we put this together.

NFC Wild Card Game 1 Open Thread

Join Battle Red Blog's open thread for Minnesota-Green Bay.

Texans Beat Bengals 19-13, Move On To New England

Another year, another Wild Card victory by the Texans.

Texans Lead Bengals 16-10 After Three Quarters

Come join Battle Red Blog's open thread for the fourth quarter of the Wild Card match-up between the Texans and Bengals.

Texans Lead Bengals 9-7 At Halftime

Come join Battle Red Blog's open thread for the third quarter of the Wild Card match-up between the Texans and Bengals.

Texans Lead Bengals 3-0 After First Quarter

Come join Battle Red Blog's open thread for the second quarter of the Wild Card match-up between the Texans and Bengals.

Texans-Bengals Live

If there's a better place to talk Texans in real time as the game unfolds, I haven't found it. This is your thread for live commentary as the Texans and Bengals play in the postseason.

Inactives for Bengals vs. Texans

The Bengals and Texans have both announced their inactives for their Wild Card matchup on Saturday.

Counting Down To Texans-Bengals

It's playoff time in Houston. Are you ready to play?

Counting Down To The Countdown

The playoffs demand special treatment.

Dobbins To IR; Rudd To Start Against Bengals

If Ruud goes down, I hear you're in line to start at ILB.

Texans-Bengals Predictions

Come for the misplaced predictions. Stay for the mockery of how misplaced the predictions are.

Texans-Bengals Game Watching

Let it be know what you're planning on doing for the Wild Card rematch between the Bengals and Texans on Saturday afternoon.

Cincy Jungle Has All The Answers

To the five questions we sent them, anyway. Read what Bengals fans had to say about the upcoming Wild Card matchup between Cincinnati and Houston.

The Film Room: How To Attack The Bengals Defense

We take a look at how the Texans can exploit a very stout Bengals defense in the wildcard round of the playoffs.

Texans Daily Links: 1/3/13

Links about football and stuff.

Which Texan Has Surprised You The Most?

In a positive way, I mean.

2DH: Can't Move North 'Cause I Can't Stand Snow

On living a vaguely Amish lifestyle for nearly a week. Plus some music and movie stuff, I guess.

J.J. Watt Picks Up Another DPOM Award

For the second time in four months, Houston's J.J. Watt is defensive player of the month in the AFC.

Bills 41, Oilers 38

The group therapy session starts in the Comments.

Battle Red Radio: 8 P.M. CT

Look at this picture of Quintin Demps! It's proof that at some point this season, he's been in front of somebody!

Texans-Bengals Game Capsule

Numbers, notes, and all you could hope for about Saturday's wild card game.

Texans Daily Links: 1/1/13

Links about football and stuff.

Texans Place Sharpton On IR, Re-Sign Alexander

The 2012 season ends early for Darryl Sharpton as his hip finally brought him down.

New Year's Day Open Thread

Celebrate 2013 with other internet ne'er-do-wells at BRB.

2013 NFL Calendar

It sounds exactly like what it really is!

Happy New Year!

May 2013 make 2012 look like 1326.

Who Will The Texans Play In 2013?

After the playoffs, I mean. The regular season opponents for next year are now a matter of public record.

Kubiak, Players Talk About Loss To Colts

Will any of them say what you were thinking? I'm guessing no, but you'll have to read to find out.

Texans-Bengals Playoff Game Time Announced

It's official now. The Texans will host the Bengals...whenever you click this post.


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