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2018 NFL Power Rankings (Week 2): Where Do the Texans Fall?

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A look inside this week’s power rankings from across the internet.

Houston Texans v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With the first week of the NFL season over, let’s see what the various power rankers think about the 2018 Houston Texans as they prepare to head to Nashville to face the 0-1 Titans.

SB Nation (Rebecca Toback): 21, down 5 spots.

ESPN (Joey Koontz): 15, no change.

Washington Post (Mark Maske): 26, down 4 spots.

USA Today (Nate Davis): 14, down 3 spots.

Bleacher Report: 13, down 2 spots.

Highest Ranking: 13 (B/R).

Lowest Ranking: 26 (Mark Maske, Washington Post).

Average Ranking: 18.

Which ranking speaks to you, BRB? Chime in through the comments below.