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Houston Texans Fantasy Football: Week Three Starts And Sits

Time to answer the all important question in fantasy. Start 'em or sit 'em: What should you do with the Houston Texans you drafted?

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Week Three is upon us and it's time once again to set our fantasy roster. Let's take a look at a few Texans players as they take on the Giants this week.


Alfred Blue, Running Back - I put Blue first on this list for the simple reason, if you own Foster (and have the free space on the roster), you should own the Texans backup as insurance. Foster has been listed as questionable for Sunday's game. He looks like he going to play, but don't leave yourself even less room for error. Have Blue on your roster ready to drop in for Foster, instead of scrambling to search for him on the waiver wire at kickoff. If Blue does start, like Foster, he will have value in volume. The Texans' game plan in 2014 is simple-- pound the ball, control the clock, and win with defense. Two teams arguably better than the Giants haven't been able to push the Texans off that plan, so expect more ground attack. Blue is a steal if he starts; he only costs $4,500 in FanDuel.

Arian Foster, Running Back - What would you have said if I asked you this before the season - what is the best possible outcome for Arian Foster after two weeks of the regular season? Most of you would say playing period would be a success, and some would have thrown out lofter goals. But would you have expected to see "old" Arian Foster rush for 241 yards and a touchdown on 55 carries? I'm going to guess most of you wouldn't have.

The next question is why the hell is often-injured Arian Foster rushing the ball 55 TIMES?! Its a good question since Foster has been limited with a hamstring and chest injury after two weeks of heavy lifting. Foster is still a start until proven he can't go.

Andre Johnson, Wide Receiver - The Texans are not throwing the ball enough, and Andre Johnson has to face the formidable Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie this week in New York East Rutherford, New Jersey. It's going to be a tough matchup for the Texans' wide receiver, right? Wrong. Johnson is staying in his lane to rack up yardage. The Texans' G.O.A.T. is running tight routes and out-muscling defensive backs for the ball; that works against any defense, including Richard Sherman. If the Texans are going to balance their offense off the run, the ball is going to Johnson first.

DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver - Hopkins has been a bit of a paradox through two games. That can be taken two different ways. In a positive manner, he has two scores in two games. On the other hand, take away his 76-yard touchdown from Week One, and you're left with only 35 yards and touchdown on 6 catches. So why start him? The Texans need to balance their offensive attack, and they're facing the 28th worst pass defense as ranked by Football Outsiders. The tight end group (Garrett Graham, C.J. Fiedorowicz, and Ryan Griffin)  as a whole has four targets through two games; Hopkins has ten in those same games. Ryan Fitzpatrick knows where his bread is buttered, so expect Hopkins to get more looks.


Garrett Graham, Tight End, - As previously mentioned, the tight end group has just four targets this season - five, if you included J.J. Watt's touchdown. Fitzpatrick isn't using the tight end as security blanket, and the Texans have too many other weapons to use at the goalline to create value for Graham.


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