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Week 7 2019: Houston Texans v. Indianapolis Colts - Frank Reich Doesn't Even Wear Ties, Much Less Play For Them

All of BRB's content leading up to, during, and immediately after the Texans' first divisional match-up of 2019 against the Colts.

Battle Red Radio: Burnt Toast (Texans-Colts Review)

Matt and BFD talk Texans, Colts, and how what could’ve been a huge victory turned into a frustrating defeat.

Monday Night Football Live: Patriots vs. Jets

It’s an AFC East showdown on MNF!

Snap Counts: Texans vs. Colts

Check out yesterday’s Snap Counts!

BREAKING NEWS: Houston Texans Trade For Gareon Conley

The Texans need secondary help, and they got it. Who needs draft picks?

Houston Texans Injury News: Will Fuller Expected To Miss “Multiple Games”

Incompletions: Texans-Colts

With so much to write and talk about after every game, and not enough time for one person to write about it all, the Masthead joins together and writes about failed expectations.

Hair of the Dog: Texans-Colts

The BRB gang gets together to talk about this weekend’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. See what all we had to see in this action-packed post!

Houston Texans News: October 21, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Monday, October 21, 2019.

Sunday Night Football: Eagles vs. Cowboys

First place in the NFC East is on the line!

Houston Texans Final Score/Post-Game Recap: Texans 23, Colts 30

The Texans lost a close one. The AFC South race is probably going to be a long one.

NFL Week 7 Live: Late Games

Saints-Bears highlights the late slate of games this week.

Texans-Colts Live: Fourth Quarter

Deshaun would throw a no-no.

Texans-Colts Live: Third Quarter

J.J. would’ve thrown it over them thar mountains.

Texans-Colts Live: Second Quarter

It would be awfully sweet if the Texans followed the ‘Stros’ lead.

Texans-Colts Live: First Quarter

It’s hard to outshine Deshaun Watson. Jose Altuve did it.

Texans-Colts Inactives

Here’s who won’t be playing in today’s divisional match-up.

Countdown To Kickoff: Texans v. Colts

The latest chapter of this AFC South rivalry shall be written this afternoon in Indianapolis.

S.N.O.T.: 10/19/2019

Take off your pants and jacket. It’s SNOT time.

Texans-Colts Preview: SIX Things To Watch For

Texans. Colts. Oh, no, the Texans may actually be Super Bowl contenders!

2019 College Football Live: Week Eight

Catch some college ball with BRB.

Three And Out: Texans-Colts Predictions

The BRB staff assembles to predict Sunday’s divisional showdown between the Texans and Colts from Indianapolis.

Texans-Colts Broadcast Information

Can the Texans make it three impressive performances in a row?

Houston Sports Ministry of Information Preview - Indianapolis Colts

This is only source of information guaranteed by Houston Sports Ministry of Information to be factually accurate and informative. You read now.

Deshaun Watson Is The NFL MVP Favorite

It is a close call, but the Texans quarterback leads the way.

Battle Red Radio: Texans-Colts Preview

Week Seven. Texans-Colts. Ravens-Seahawks. Saints-Bears. Eagles-Cowboys.

Houston Texans News: October 18, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Friday, October 18, 2019.

The Roller Coaster Continues To Click Upward

This elevator is goin’ up, baby!

Thursday Night Football Live: Chiefs vs. Broncos

It’s an AFC West showdown!

BRB Groupthink: What More Do You Need To See From Bill O’Brien?

The BRB masthead revisits their views of Houston’s head coach

Is Deshaun Watson The Best QB In The NFL?

The Texans’ starting quarterback is all that.

Laremy Tunsil Paying Big Dividends for Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans may have given away the farm to get him, but it might be worth it.

Houston Texans Rosters News: Texans Sign Offensive Tackles Dan Skipper, Chris Clark

Roster updates entering Week Seven.

Houston Texans News: October 17, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Thursday, October 17, 2019.

Quick Hits: Texans vs. Colts

Football stats make the world go round!

Houston Texans News: October 16, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Wednesday, October 15, 2019.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

The Texans are moving up.


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