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Week 8 2013: Texans at Bye - Surely They Can't Lose This One

All of BRB's content during the Texans' bye week of the 2013 season.

2014 NFL Draft: Mid-Season Mock Draft

It's the bye week, Battlefield 4 is about to come out, and I needed to find myself something to do until EA lets me blow up virtual China with my arsenal of virtual guns. Time for a mock draft!

Predicting The Texans' Record At The Bye

With the Houston Texans getting back to work and the second half of the season looming, what's your best guess as to what the team's record will be at the end of the 2013 regular season?

Gary Kubiak: Case Keenum Remains The Starting QB

Gary Kubiak officially announced what virtually every Texans fan thought he would. Case Keenum will be the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans when they host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night.

Matt Schaub Has Torn Ligaments In His Ankle

Ian Rapoport of is reporting that embattled Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub's ankle is in considerably worse condition than some thought. Will it have any effect on Gary Kubiak's decision about who to start at QB against the Colts on SNF?

Hair Of The Dog: No Woman, No Bye

So, apparently there's still football today. Who knew? Follow the BRB crew as we stumble through a Sunday of non-Texans football and make the "we can't lose!" joke.

SNF Open Thread: Packers-Vikings

Somehow, America did something terrible and has to be subjected to the Minnesota Vikings for the second time in six days. Talk about Green Bay-Minnesota as it unfolds in Battle Red Blog's Sunday Night Football Open Thread.

Texans Sign 5, Including 3 Running Backs

The Houston Texans had vacant roster spots open after last week. Now, the Texans have added five new names.

Open Game Day Thread: Late Afternoon Games

The NFL world keeps spinning as Houston is on their bye week. Talk about the late afternoon NFL action in Battle Red Blog's open thread.

Open Game Thread: Early Afternoon Games (10/27/13)

An open thread to wax philosophical on all the going-ons of the early games on this fine Sunday afternoon. The Texans are off, but BRB's open game day threads are not. Come join the fun.

BRB Open Thread: College Football (10/26/13)

Talk about the day's college football games in Battle Red Blog's Saturday open thread.

BRB On SportsRadio 610 At 10:30 PM CDT Tonight!

What's that? You were going out tonight to drink away your sorrows? Not anymore you're not. Join me tonight on SportsRadio 610. We can all be miserable together. Solidarity, my brothers and sisters!

Arian Foster Injury Update

The Texans' star running back hurt his hamstring in Houston's loss to the Chiefs. There's good news about his potential return for Sunday Night Football against the Colts next week.

An Introspective Look At Injuries And The NFL

Are we all bad people for loving football? How difficult is the NFL's decision-making on safety rules? Brian Cushing's injury prompted a long internal conversation about why we love football and what the future may hold

How Are You Spending The Texans' Bye Week?

With the Houston Texans off this week, what are Texans fans doing with their Sunday free?

Winning Football, Gary Kubiak Style (Part III)

Like statistics and numbers? If you do, then here's an update on Matt Weston's statistical model that predicts the Texans' probability to win based on a variety of variables.

TNF Open Thread: Panthers v. Buccaneers

Welcome to a game that only a player's mother or fantasy team owner could love. Now wipe your feet, I just cleaned this thread up!

Battle Red Blazin' Hot NFL Picks - Week 8

Sit back and relax this week, knowing that there's no way your Houston Texans can lose their sixth straight game. Feels good, doesn't it? Read on for Battle Red Blog's Week 8 picks brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Is Now The Time To Think Tank Job?

Can a fan actively root for tanking? Is this the time to begin hoping for 2-14?

Writing On The Wall For Brooks Reed Position Swap?

The Texans have made a series of interesting roster moves over the last week, some of which might give an indication that Brooks Reed could be changing positions sometime soon.

B.R.O.: Texans Coach Receives Surprise Gift

Not 24 hours after three Texans were waived for hilarious shenanigans does a Texans coach fall prey to the same problem. Find out more here.

Comparing Our Three-Headed Quarterback Situation

One reader sends in the fruit of his labors charting the throws that we've seen from each of our quarterbacks. Take a look at Schaub and Yates from the Rams game and Keenum from the Chiefs game.

Battle Red Radio LIX: Enter The Keenum

Come stay awhile and listen to the newest installment of Battle Red Radio.

Montgomery's Agent: Sam Didn't Smoke Weed

As you'd expect, Sam Montgomery's people aren't going gently into that good night with regard to the report that Sonic Sam was fired by the Texans for using marijuana.

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The Captain's Log - Game 7: "The Abyss"

Capt. Ron checks in with his thoughts on the Texans' loss to the Chiefs and takes stock of where the team is as it enters its bye week.

Houston Texans Release Tim Dobbins

The Texans keep busy with the roster adjustments during their bye week. This time, it's reserve inside linebacker Tim Dobbins who is let go from the team.

Three Texans Rookies, One Cigar: Caught Chiefing

Kudos to the three members of the 2013 Houston Texans rookie class who put the cherry on top of the worst season ever.

Gary Kubiak Presser: "Matt's Our Starting QB"

Gary Kubiak had his weekly press conference, which means it's the fifth straight press conference after a Texans loss. Here's what he had to say about Matt Schaub, Case Keenum, Brian Cushing, and cutting the Marijuana Three, among other topics.

Weed Why Montgomery, Wood, And Jefferson Cut

Believe it or not, the players' story of tobacco use being the reason for their release by the Houston Texans has been contradicted.


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