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Week 9 2013: Colts at Texans - More Like CASEDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, Right?

All of BRB's content for the Texans' Week Nine AFC South battle against the Colts on Sunday Night Football.

Unnecessary Film Study: Still 'Dre

It's only unnecessary because I'm showing you things you already know, but the devil is in the details. Watching Andre Johnson play the game of football is something we should all cherish as fans, so continue doing so here with the magic of All 22.

The Captain's Log Game 8: "The Curse of Neckbeard"

Capt. Ron checks in with his thoughts on the Texans' loss to the Colts, and takes stock of where the team is as it enters the second half of the season.

Battle Red Radio, Episode XLI: Sorry For The Curse

Stay awhile and listen to Battle Red Radio tonight at 7 p.m CST as we discuss Week 9's loss to the Colts and look ahead to Week 10's game against the Cardinals.

Breaking: Case Keenum Played 100% Of Snaps At QB

The Houston Texans suffered yet another close loss last Sunday against the AFC South leading Indianapolis Colts. There's a good deal of hope emanating from the wreckage of that loss, however.

Report: Kubiak Cleared to Leave Hospital

Kubiak was released from the hospital two days after suffering a "mini-stroke", but will not travel with the team to Arizona.

Sponsored Post: Case Keenum To Andre Johnson

Who were the best teammates in the Texans' Week 9 loss? Come for the answer to the question and stay for my thoughts on Sunday Night Football.

Report: Mini-Stroke Was Why Gary Kubiak Collapsed

We know may know exactly why Gary Kubiak collapsed at Reliant Stadium last night. Read on for an explanation of just what a mini-stroke is and what it could mean for Kubiak going forward.

Texans To Bring Three Kickers In For Tryout

The Texans will try out kickers Neil Rackers, Shayne Graham and Justin Medlock two days after Randy Bullock missed three out of four in loss to the Colts.

MNF Open Thread: Bears v. Packers

Come join us, won't you, as we collectively lick our wounds and watch in the ever-present hope that some other team will embarrass themselves on national television.

Kubiak "Alert, Coherent, And In Good Spirits"

The morning after Gary Kubiak's collapse during Sunday Night Football at Reliant Stadium, the Texans update the public on their head coach's condition.

Kubiak Update: Received Meds For Blood Clots

Thanks to Adam Schefter, we know a bit more about Gary Kubiak's course of treatment after his scary collapse at halftime of the Texans-Colts game last night.

Hair of the Dog: Case?! Heck, I'll Take A Keg

The BRB crew wishes Gary Kubiak a speedy recovery first and foremost. As far as the football goes, we are not even remotely surprised at the way this unfolded.

Featured Fanshot

Case Keenum Sets NFL Passer Rating Record Through Two Games

Texans-Colts Recap: Houston Loses 6th Straight

You waited all day for Sunday night. Turns out you waited for a heartbreaking loss as the Houston Texans fell to 2-6 after losing 27-24 to the Indianapolis Colts on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Open Game Day Thread, Part Tres: Texans v. Colts

Discuss the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and their Week Nine match-up live in Battle Red Blog's third real-time open game day thread.

Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak Collapses

Scary moment after the end of a fun first half as Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed as he was leaving the field.

Open Game Day Thread, Part Dos: Texans v. Colts

Discuss the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and their Week Nine match-up live in Battle Red Blog's second real-time open game day thread.

SNF Open Thread: Texans v. Colts

Texans-Colts, Sunday Night Football, and the opportunity to hysterically overreact to everything Case Keenum does is here. Share your thoughts, observations, and opinions on Battle Red Blog's live open game night thread.

Houston Texans Inactives: Texans vs. Colts

Who is suiting up and who is wearing a t-shirt today in the Week Nine matchup against the Colts? Let's take a look.

Open Game Day Threads: Late Afternoon Games

Use this thread to discuss the afternoon NFL games this Sunday before Texans-Colts starts at 7:30 p.m. CST. USE IT!!

Open Game Day Threads: Early Afternoon Games


Week Nine Infographic: Texans vs. Colts

Division Rival. Check. Battle Red Day. Check. National television audience. Check. What's the worse that could happen? This week we highlight the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts.

How To Watch Texans-Colts On SNF

Trying to figure out how to catch the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football? Here's how to do it.

Texans-Colts Predictions

If there's a Houston Texans game, there's a "Three and Out" on Battle Red Blog. Read all about one moron's predictions for Texans-Colts on Sunday Night Football.

Week 9 Texans Preview: The Last Mound Of Dirt

Read Matt Weston's Week 9 preview to get your mind ready for the Texans-Colts game.

Featured Fanshot

J.J. Watt Handing Out Halloween Candy

BRB Open Thread: College Football (11/02/13)

Come join us at BRB to talk all things college football on this fine Saturday. What else would you be doing today? Going outside? Pfft.

Texans Injuries: Tate To Play, Foster GTD

After having no running backs available for parts of the Chiefs game, it appears that at least one of the Texans' wounded RBs will be available for Sunday night's AFC clash against the Colts.

Checking The Pulse: Rick Smith's Job Security

The quarterback is likely done, the head coach is feeling the heat, but what about the man who built the Texans' roster?

The Pregame: Week 9 - Colts @ Texans

Hating the Indianapolis Colts is easy, and doesn't take much effort, but let's bring it up a notch.

Texans-Colts Game-Watching

The Houston Texans have their first home primetime game of the 2013 season on Sunday night. Where will you be watching them play the Colts?

The Kevin Sumlin Era: Envisioning The Future

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin has become one of the hottest coaching names in football. Is he the right choice to take an underperforming Texans team to the next level?

TNF Open Thread: Bengals v. Dolphins

It's Halloween, and there's a knock at the door. It's not a vampire or a zombie, it's the Pride of Katy (tm), Andy Dalton, and he's got football for you!

Two Minutes Of Hate: The Indianapolis Colts

In this post, we look at the Texans' upcoming opponent and determine what completely arbitrary things we should hate about them. Why? Because it's funny, and I have unresolved anger issues.

Blazin' Hot NFL Picks - Week 9

The bye week is over and Battle Red Blog continues its weekly series of NFL picks. Catch an update on who's leading the Yahoo! Pick 'Em league and get your Survival league advice here...brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Which Texan Has Been The Best In 2013?

Silver lining, ahoy! In a dismal 2-5 season for the Houston Texans thus far, which player has stood out as the best this year?


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